4 Ways to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Physiotherapy

Posted on: 21 February 2018

From time to time, your body will experience aches and pains resulting from a sedentary lifestyle or work injury that are best relieved by physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a method of healing and remedy free from medication with a focus on a set of physical exercises to influence the body. If you are in need of physiotherapy or are considering it, here are some ways to prepare and get the most out of your sessions.

1.    Detail Your Medical History

When you engage a physiotherapist for the first time, it is critical that you take time to share your past medical history with them. When they ask a question try to go as far back as possible to answer it and provide as detailed an account as possible.  As with any medical consultation, the more the practitioner gets to know about your past medical situation the more accurate a context they have to inform their decision making.

2.    Dress Appropriately

A physiotherapy session by nature involves rigorous physical exercises. You will be required to exert yourself physically, and you, therefore, need to dress in a way that won't restrict your movement. On your first visit do not wear any long-sleeved clothing or denim. The physiotherapist will conduct their initial physical evaluation which can include assessing the stability of your joints. Long sleeves or denim will impede your joint movement and negatively affect the assessment. Always wear comfortable clothes to a physiotherapy appointment.

3.    Follow Through on the Home Exercises

Physiotherapy combines sessions with the physiotherapist and your sessions at home. A lot of the process is attributed not to the sessions with the professional but what you do at home. A lack of follow-through will lead to little progress and frustration with the process.

4.    Keep a Regular Appointment with Your Physiotherapist

If you plan on continuing your physiotherapy the best way to bring together all its benefits is to schedule a regular appointment with your physiotherapist. A regular visit will help you effectively manage existing complications due to the benefit of the consistency. It will also help you keep an eye out for any budding problems to identify them from the onset and have better odds of managing them than if you notice them once they have developed into pernicious problems.


Physiotherapy is a team effort between you and the professional. Share information and execute home exercises to get the most benefit from it.


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