• Remedial massage techniques to help neck pain

    Neck pain can be caused by accidents and trauma but can also be caused simply by poor posture or overuse. Many people find that massage can be a great way to relieve neck pain and get more mobility in your neck. Here are some remedial massage techniques you can try at your desk to try and get some relief. Roll your head This is a hands free stretching exercise using the counterweight of the head to help mobilise the neck.
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  • Treating Muscular Imbalances From Martial Arts Training

    With all the punching, kicking and tumbling, martial arts can be highly demanding. Training schedules are often tough and exhausting, leaving little time to let the body recover. Many martial arts gyms teach practitioners to "work through the pain," which often leads combatants to loose sight of when it's the right time to stop. One of the most common issues among martial artists is developing an over-dominant side of the body.
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