Psychotherapy for people with back pains

Posted on: 14 July 2015

Sometimes, the back starts to hurt and if you're feeling such pains, then you are not the only one. More and more people are developing back pains and it is normally experienced in different degrees for different people. Many mild aches disappear on their own but if yours persists for more than three weeks, then you need to seek medical attention.

One of the main forms of treatment for people with back pains, whether mild or chronic, is physiotherapy:

Causes and symptoms of back pains

The symptoms normally vary and the pain can range anywhere from a slight ache to severe pain. The pain can also be recurrent and this happens once acute pains happen again and again. A back pain is rarely a life threatening issue but its presence may be an indicator of a number of conditions. These include presence of fractures in your back, osteoarthritis (a form of arthritis caused by deterioration of a joint) or tumours in the spine.

Diagnosing back pains

A psychotherapist will have to perform a number of checks and evaluate your condition. They will need information on your health history and check the span of your movements and what can cause a delayed recovery. A therapy is done to reduce the overall pains, and increase the function and mobility of your limbs. These programs can either be passive or active.

Passive therapy

These programs are termed as passive because they are physically done on the patient. Back pains normally appear in different forms and ways so the treatment will be specifically tailored for you. Such practices include massaging, applying heat packs, using ultrasound technologies and iontophoresis (introducing current in the body by using ionic compounds).

Active therapy

These programs involve the patient actively engaging the spine. Various physical exercises are also necessary in getting the spine in good shape in addition to passive therapy. Psychotherapists commonly advice patients to remain active and complete as much of their daily routine as possible. Remaining in bed for long periods of time actually worsens the condition by keeping the spine dormant and inactive.

You may receive exercises to stretch the hamstring muscles that are located at the thighs. Lying on your back and gently raising and lowering your legs can be a good practice that may lower the back pains. These exercises can be integrated into your normal life schedule because they are easy to perform and require no special equipment.

Such simple therapies can be of great value and may completely diminish the back pains. To learn more, contact a company like Raw Therapies with any questions you have.


Massage as a health strategy

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